Selling a Dubai Villa

Selling a Dubai Villa

If you are interested in selling a Dubai villa then this post may be of interest. The market for Dubai property is a bit stagnant at the moment (the moment being 2016 – you can see a post on Dubai Property Prices 2016 here). This does not mean that you cannot sell a Dubai villa, it just means that it is a bit more difficult than it had been up to say the end of 2013. At that stage prices were rising very quickly. Unfortunately for sellers, the Dubai government was wary of another boom and bust cycle. It took actions to cool the market. These actions have been very successful. In fact, those looking to sell property in Dubai would probably say they were too successful.

Selling a Dubai VillaIf you are one of the unfortunate people who held on to a Dubai villa you wished to sell in 2013 because you felt the price would recover significantly, you are not alone. There are still a lot of people sitting on properties in the Emirate that they would like to sell.

The downturn in the market does not mean that there are no buyers available. It does mean that buyers are more difficult to find. It also means that you’ll have to be a bit flexible in what you are prepared to achieve in terms of price. If you are looking for a premium price and you are in a position to hold on to the property then that is most definitely the advice.

If, however, you are in a position that you would rather sell your Dubai villa right now perhaps we can help. Here at we have a large database of end users, landlords, investors and institutional property buyers looking to make an offer on your Dubai villa right now.

You can list your property with a local Dubai Estate Agent but it could be on the market for many months, if not years. If you wish to sell your property quickly then may be able to offer you alternative options. Drop us a line now on

Selling a Dubai Villa

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