How do I Sell Dubai Property?

How Do I Sell Dubai Property

How do I Sell Dubai Property?

The question ‘How do I Sell Dubai Property?’ has been an issue for a lot of UK owners in the Emirate over the past decade. Dubai’s property market started with a remarkable bang back in 2002 when freehold property ownership by foreigners was first allowed there. It was the first of the United Arab Emirates to allow freehold ownership of property (you can download a copy of Dubai’s Freehold Property Ownership Regulations here).

From 2002 until 2008 the property market exploded. It attracted investors from all around the globe, with many UK investors buying, in many cases, several units off-plan there. It may seem odd today to buy property off-plan, as the world’s property markets have changed dramatically since that time. You would have to remember that at the time there was not really much built property to buy in Dubai and, under the Sheikh’s grand plans, there were going to be a lot of new buildings around the Emirate. He was very much the driver of Dubai’s real estate story.

After 2008, however, the market collapsed. It looked like a lot of property in Dubai would never get built. Which leads to the question How do I Sell Dubai Property I bought back in 2005 to 2008. The answer is simple enough, you can contact a local agent and take your chances with the local property market, which has been very slow since early 2015, or you can drop an email to and we’ll seek to get you an offer right away.

Here at we have a large Dubai database of end users, landlords, investors and institutional property buyers looking to make an offer on your Dubai property right now. You can list your property with a local agent but it could be on the market for many months, if not years. If you wish to sell your property quickly then may be able to offer you alternative options.

How do I Sell Dubai Property?

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