Dubai Property Problems

Dubai Property Problems

If you are encountering Dubai property problems then this article may well be of assistance. At the very least it may give you some ideas where to start with your actions. It is estimated that there are as many as 19,000 Britons with property investments in Dubai, having spent around £1.6 bn in 2014 alone. It has proven a very attractive property investment location for those in the UK and Ireland.

Dubai Property ProblemsDubai property problems come in a range of guises but, in the main, for foreign investors, they relate to completion problems. These problems come in a fairly wide range. They include having invested some time ago in a building that has never materialised – a huge problem in the mayhem that is currently the Dubai property market. You may have invested in a property that is a different size on completion to what was stated on your contract (surprisingly common in Dubai).

Quality issues have also been raised within certain areas and with some developers. Quite an amount of property in Dubai was announced and actioned very quickly. Not all of it was built to a standard that everyone would consider acceptable.

There are quite a few issues in Dubai that can’t be sorted any other way other than to hire a reputable legal representative to act on your behalf. If you have one of these issues then drop us a line on and we’ll be happy to refer you to just such a company.

One of the most common problems with Dubai property is selling on a property that has not yet completed. In Dubai’s fledgling property sales system (only open to foreign investors since 2002) it is often technically not possible to sell a contract on to a third party until after completion. There are ways around this issue and if it is one that is of concern drop us a line on

If you have a property in Dubai and you would like to sell it then you can also contact us on and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can.

Dubai Property Problems

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