Dubai Property Investor Group

Dubai Property Investor Group

Dubai Property Investor Group

If you’ve put the search ‘Dubai Property Investor Group’ into a search engine the chances are you’re looking for information on the ‘Concerned Dubai Sports City Investors Group’ also known as the ‘Dubai Action Group’.

The group was set up in September 2009 to represent a group of ex-pat investors in the Dubai property market. At the time a lot of property had been speculatively purchased in the United Arab Emirate. By 2010 it had become apparent that there was grave risk of many of the planned developments in Dubai would never come to fruition. Originally many of the properties involved were sold by Irish based sales agent Larionovo in Dubai Sports City, but it evolved to include many other developments in differing areas around the Emirate.

Between the 250+ members of the Dubai Property Investor Group they estimate that they have paid out over €20 million and have, since its inception, spent over €75,000 trying to get answers about plans for their properties and the developments on which they are located.

The purpose and aims  of the Dubai Property Investor Group when initially set up were:

(1) To seek the truth about the status of the developments in the following Dubai Sports City developments;
– Bermuda views, Eagle Heights, Profile Residence & Stadium Point.

(2) To form a combined legal fund for like minded investors to enable them to seek legal action to resolve the situation.

(3) To provide a forum to meet and share news for invited members.

(4) To arrange travel to Dubai for small teams on regular basis to enage fully with the local systems on the ground in Dubai.

With these aims in mind, the group has been instrumental in ensuring that a number of developments, such as Profile Residence, Bermuda Views, Eagle Heights & Stadium Point, actually got off the ground. It is also active in the market in Dubai looking to get sales over the line for its overseas investor members.

You’ll find Dubai Property Investor Group’s website here:

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Dubai Property Investor Group

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