Damac Heights Completion

Damac Heights Completion

Damac Heights Completion

There has been widespread cheer at the news that Damac Heights Completion is fairly imminent. Damac has confirmed that its 94-level Damac Heights tower in Dubai Marina has now ‘topped out’ – the term used when a building reaches its fully contracted height.

On Damac Heights Completion it is estimated that it will be the seventh tallest residential tower in the United Arab Emirates. Damac Heights will measure a height of 335 metres on completion, featuring 94-levels at an estimated cost of Dh2.4 billion.

In the rankings of tall buildings in the UAE it would be behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (828m), Princess Tower (413m), 23 Marina (392m), Abu Dhabi’s Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid (381m). It is also lower than Elite Residence (380m) and The Torch (337m), both of which are also in Dubai Marina. Not included is Marina 101 which has also topped out at 426.5m. This would make it the UAE’s second tallest, but it is as yet unknown when it will complete.

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Meydan One, announced in August 2015, is also slated to include a 711m residential tower, but it will be some way off.

Damac Heights Completion has been slated for the end of 2016 and Damac also confirmed that facade work has reached level 69 of the 94 levels.

On Damac Heights Completion it will comprise one, two, three and four bedroom apartments, plus duplexes and penthouses. According to Damac the top 40 levels will be high-end residential property with bespoke interior design.

Niall McLoughlin, senior vice president of Damac says: “Each of the luxury apartments at Damac Residenze is fitted out with the latest furnishings from the ‘Fendi Casa’ collection to provide the most stylish living experience.”

Property prices in Dubai have not been wonderful in 2015 and are expected to continue to fall in 2016 with growing completed supply now coming on to the market.

Damac Heights Completion

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